Advantages of an Online Generic Pharmacy

The online pharmacy scene is in a state of constant flux just like the neighborhood pharmacy with some offering only brand products, some others only generic products and a third offering both. Most of the online drugstores mainly stock generic medication along with brand name medications which have no generic equivalent.

Online pharmacies seem to be the choice of many customers today because they are cheaper than the regular drugstore. This is due to lower overheads, less taxes and a stock per need set up.

Moreover generic medication as it exists is much cheaper than the branded one. Generic medication manufacturers have no development expenses that the branded company had to shell out for research and development. Doctors do not hesitate to prescribe generic medication once they know its efficacy and lack of side effects. Also some customers turn to online generic pharmacies to procure prescription drugs without a doctor’s prescription.

Due to FDA rules in the US certain drugs are not available in the market. These drugs can be procured from an online pharmacy that is not US based and not governed by USFDA regulations. Internet based generic pharmacies can provide a cheaper generic drug that isn’t obtainable in the U.S. yet.

The only issue in buying from online generic pharmacies then seems to be the reliability of the pharmacy. Generic equivalents of branded drugs are made to FDA standards as the active ingredient in both is the same. Only if the pharmacy is being run by internet scamsters will you get taken for a ride. Checking the credibility of the online generic pharmacy through reviews and by internet ratings can help you find one that will surely give you value for money with safe generic drugs.